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Individual Counseling

Whether this is your first time going to counseling, or you've been to therapy before, you are welcome. New seasons of life, experiences, and relationships can influence the needs for support. 

  • Have you gone through a stressful or traumatic time in your life?

  • Did you explore therapy and it wasn't the right fit?  

Sometimes we just need another personality to offer a safe space to share our story. Whatever it is that's been coming up for you- I'm here to help.



Brainspotting (BSP) is a new treatment approach which helps access stored experiences. It helps:

  • release stored negative or traumatic experiences.

  • promote healing for individuals suffering from physical pain or chronic illness.

  • releases creative or mental blocks 

Click here for more information about this modality. You can use this modality with or without a mental health diagnosis. 

*This service is available for clients both, within NC, and other states*


Group Therapy and Support

Being with others who have experienced the same thing allows you to remember you are not alone. It also bring connection to others you might not have otherwise known.

I offer various therapy groups and support groups such as group Brainspotting, SoulCollage®, and biblio-support.


Consultation & Supervision

Jackie is a Brainspotting consultant and offers consultation for individuals looking to get certified in Brainspotting. 

She also offers supervision for counseling interns in the state of North Carolina.

Image by Sergey Zolkin



15 Minute Consultation



Individual Counseling 

See individual therapist pages for their fees


Brainspotting Consultation



Group Sessions 

Varies: $30-$55/session

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