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Soul Collage®

Using collage as a medium, SoulCollage® is an expressive arts, therapeutic technique that allows you to discover your inner wisdom and uncover hidden meanings.  It allows one to build intuition for personal growth and self-discovery. 

This is done by creating collage on 5x8'' cards, which then become a visual representation of our inner lives and our stories.

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Jackie is certified in SoulCollage® and utilizes it in individual therapy sessions, in groups, and in community classes. 


Source: SoulCollage by Jackie Tyson

Monthly Online Workshops

I offer a monthly workshop online through the Zoom platform on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 1-4pm EST. The purpose is to be in community and to heal our parts. Each month there will be a theme to give guidance on the topic. Examples include saboteur archetype, victim archetype, mother, inner child, etc. Workshop information is listed on the World of SoulCollage website and also in my monthly email newsletter. 


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