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Free or Low Cost Counseling

Free or Low cost counseling is offered through our internship program to assist with meeting your mental health needs.  Read below for more information about our intern. If you are interested in becoming a client, fill out the form below.

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Elana Turner

I'm Elana and believe people have strengths and barriers that can greatly affect their lives. I work with individuals to improve and recognize their strengths. We also work to identify and address their barriers.  


Sometimes, it can be difficult for people to understand their gifts and how best to use them. I help clients focus on their current issues, and together we create a plan that utilizes their strengths to resolve the issues that are important to them.  


I utilize person-centered and strength-based approaches when assisting clients. My goal is to empower my clients and fortify their resilience.  

During this internship, my goal is to use my skills as a clinical professional to help my clients learn strategies to express themselves and identify their strengths. 


As a person that struggled to discover her gifts and calling, I have a special interest in working with clients who: ​

  •  have experienced judgment or shame

  •  felt stagnant or like they were not progressing 

  • want more control over their life and future 

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