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Soul Collage :Pathworking Circle

A  Healing Group for Individuals in Life Transitions  


Facilitated  by Jackie Tyson, LCSW 

This group is part support group/ part processing group. This group is designed for individuals going through a life transition. We will be using SoulCollage™ and Brainspotting. For more information on SoulCollage™, visit www.soulcollage.com. For more information on Brainspotting, visit www.Brainspotting.com.  

Who is Jackie Tyson? Jackie is a LCSW in the state of North Carolina and New Jersey. She is a certified consultant in Brainspotting, and a SoulCollage™ facilitator. Her specialities include working with trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions. She utilizes a holistic approach by using therapy, prevention, and other expressive arts modalities influenced by depth psychology such as SoulCollage™. 

When: Saturdays, starting Oct 22, 10-12:30pm EST

Where: Online, via Zoom

Cost: $50/session (includes art materials sent to you). 

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In this group, we will cover


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